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Create a lead list in minutes

Generate a list of leads based on the technology your potential clients are using on their website, as well as their niche and location.

Choose the most relevant prospects

Easily narrow down the list of prospects based on the Semrush Lead Score and the SEO metrics that matter to you.

Craft a strong outreach message

Gain a deep understanding of your prospects’ needs using insights on their online visibility, tech stack, and more.

Focus on leads with the highest potential

Quickly assess which of the businesses are a good match for your agency with the Lead Score.

The Semrush Lead Score combines
knowledge about the number and power of
the signals gathered on a company’s
buying potential, as well as various aspects
of their online visibility

Use filters to narrow down the prospect list
based on your own specific criteria—traffic
volume, number of backlinks, and more

Star and save the best-fit leads so you can
easily access them at any time

Work with the most relevant prospects

Leverage specific details to craft a strong outreach message in no time, increasing your chances of
landing a new client.

Quickly interpret complex data on a
domain’s digital footprint

Save time by accessing all key details in
one place—from company background to
the technical health of their website

Get contact information, including emails
and links to social media

Easily integrate Lead Finder in your current workflow

We offer a number of options to include Lead Finder in your existing lead generation system,
or build a new one from scratch.

Send leads directly to Semrush CRM,
assign and manage tasks, and automate
your reporting

Export a .CSV file with your prospects and
data to your email automation tool of

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