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Semrush .Trends provides an instant market overview and competitive digital insights that help businesses identify new market realities and emerging trends to discover growth opportunities.

  • Accurate data for real-time market and competitive insights

  • All-encompassing insights for any website, industry or market across 190 countries & regions

  • Competitive intel that helps you shape your product offering and budgets

With Semrush .Trends, you’ll get access to:

  • Traffic overview widget

    Traffic Analytics

    • Get a full performance overview for any website

    • Uncover your rivals’ most visited pages and their top products

    • Get in-depth audience behavior insights

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  • Market Explorer Quadrant widget

    Market Explorer

    • Get an instant market overview: from top players to growth trends

    • Reveal your and your rivals’ market share

    • Discover competitive and market benchmarks

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  • EyeOn competitors updates widget


    • Automatically tracks your rivals’ moves: from new content to promo shifts

    • Pinpoints their activity trends

    • Delivers competitive insights to your inbox

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  • One2Target


    • Strengthen your marketing strategy with in-depth audience insights

    • Improve segmentation & targeting with audience analytics data

    • Discover potential business development & advertising opportunities

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Traffic Analytics API

Easily integrate Semrush data with any cloud or on-premises system to enrich your existing products or to build new solutions.

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