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Content Marketing Platform

Create great content that clicks
with your customers

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With Semrush Content Marketing Platform, you’ll
get access to:

  • Topic Research

    • Discover content topics that are trending in your industry
    • Add a filter to show topics that are trending in your industry and consider them to further your growth.

    • Run a content gap analysis
    • Reveal topics that your competitors rank for and generate ideas for your own content.

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  • SEO Content Template

    • Create effective content briefs
    • Get tips on optimal content length, keywords, and more - based on your top 10 organic rivals.

    • Outrank your local rivals
    • Get targeted recommendations to outrank your competitors in your area - up to the city level.

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  • SEO Writing Assistant

    • Leverage real-time data based on the top-ranking rivals for your keywords.
    • Use add-ons to optimize your text in Google Docs, WordPress, or MS One Drive 360.
    • Automate your copy editing: get quick tips on how to improve each content piece.
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Create Better Content with Tools That Work Smarter

  • Free Plug-Ins:Add SEO Writing Assistant to WordPress, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word for extra convenience
  • Reader-Friendly Checks:Strengthen your writing with targeted tone of voice and readability checks
  • AI Rephraser:Rephrase, simplify, expand, or summarize your text in just a click
  • Seamless Collaboration:Grant your team access to your draft (and the tool) instantly

How Egoditor multiplied their traffic with Content Marketing Platform

“Even for the most experienced SEO players out there, the road to achieving your goals is full of uncertainties. The game is always changing, so how can you keep up? With Semrush at our side, we started our blog from zero traffic to over 20,000 visits per month in just 6 months!”

Azhar Ahmad

Head of Content at Egoditor

The result?

In only six months:

Their blog started earning 20,000 monthly visits

They improved their content score by 25%

They generated TONS of promising content lined up to continue that success into the future

Content Marketing Platform

Create great content that
clicks with your customers