SEO Toolkit

Set up your first SEO Dashboard to track website’s visibility improvement over time

Domain Overview

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your competitors' SEO strategies
  • Explore their referring domains and the keywords they’re ranking for
  • Assess their performance on desktop and mobile devices
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Traffic Analytics

  • Identify your competitors' main traffic sources
  • Uncover their top referring websites
  • Analyze a competitor's bounce rates, average session duration, and more
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Organic Research

  • Analyze your main competitors in organic results
  • Explore their most successful strategies
  • Analyze if and how they appear in SERP features
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Keyword Gap

  • Uncover low-hanging fruit to skyrocket your ROI
  • Find keywords targeted by your competitors but not you
  • Compare up to 5 domains in terms of unique and common keywords
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Backlink Gap

  • Quickly identify the link building opportunities you’re missing
  • Detect websites linking to your competitors but not you
  • Compare up to 5 domains at a time
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Keyword Overview

  • Perform a thorough keyword analysis
  • Get vital metrics in one table: volume trend, competition level, SERP features and much more for every keyword
  • Find related keywords and long-tail matches
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Keyword Magic Tool

  • Get millions of keyword suggestions using different match types
  • Dive into new topics from automatically arranged groups
  • Discover longtails and popular question keywords
  • Obtain the most essential metrics and SERP features for each keyword
  • Organize your projects into keyword lists
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Position Tracking

  • Keep up with your local Google rankings on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices
  • Gain insights from SERP feature analysis of Featured snippets, Local map packs, AMPs, and more
  • Discover new competitors in your niche
  • Generate PDF reports with ease
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Backlink Analytics

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of your and your competitors' backlinks
  • Unlock link building opportunities by spotting your rivals' new and lost backlinks
  • Weigh your link building progress against your competitors'
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Backlink Audit

  • Review all the details of your backlink profile
  • Locate and remove any toxic backlinks quickly and easily
  • Integrate with GA, Search Console and Majestic data
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Link Building Tool

  • Uncover the highest quality backlink opportunities in your niche
  • Perform outreach and acquire links with built-in email functionality
  • Instantly spot newly acquired and lost backlinks
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Site Audit

  • Audit your website with 60+ on-page and technical SEO checks
  • Delve into exclusive reports concerning hreflang, AMP and HTTPs issues
  • Check priority levels to fix the most beneficial pages first
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SEO Content Template

  • Create ready-to-use templates for SEO-friendly content
  • Get page by page tips on improving keywords, structure and backlinks
  • Analyze your best-performing rivals and adopt their successful practices
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On Page SEO Checker

  • Obtain step-by-step instructions for your website optimization
  • Collect ideas on strategy, content, backlinks and more
  • Focus on pages with the highest traffic potential
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